“Plan and educate knowingly” – campaign that aims at improving people’s awareness of mother’s and baby’s health care as well as proper development of pregnancy and a newborn baby.

The campaign is part of the project “Development of prenatal care in the Szczecin sub-region – improving the quality and availability of medical services as well as prophylactic”.


NUTRITION The correct nutrition is one of the most crucial factors, which have an impact on the pregnancy and development of the foetus. It is still before conceiving that women should go on a better balanced and varied diet to eliminate the potential nutrition deficiencies before pregnancy. The diet shall cover the increased energetic demand and be…


PRENATAL EXAMINATION The most important desire of future parents is to have a healthy newborn. Unfortunately, during the evaluation of the foetus during pregnancy, the doctor can find some irregularity in the foetus and inform the parents that the child is likely to be born with a congenital defect. Not every congenital defect is a sentence condemning to the child. Defects…


PSYCHOMOTOR DEVELOPMENT OF THE INFANT IN THE FIRST YEAR OF LIFE The first year of life is the period of the fastest and biggest changes in the child’s life. The little one turns from the helpless newborn into a moving toddler, able to signal its needs and emotions. The first year of life means also the fastest…


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