Development of prenatal care in the Szczecin sub-region – improving the quality and availability of medical services as well as prophylactic

On 28 October 2014 Danuta Śliwa, director of the Zdroje Children’s Hospital, signed the agreement no. 017/190/7/MF EOG NMF-2014-00-409-1068 with regard to the project called “Development of prenatal care in the Szczecin sub-region – improving the quality and availability of medical services as well as prophylactic” sub-financed from the 2009-2014 EEA Grants and the 2009-2014 Norway Grants.

The total project value is 11,307,683 PLN including:

  • 9,046,147 PLN – financial means from the EOG Grants Committee and the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affair 

  • 2,261,536 PLN – own contribution.

The project is due to be completed in April 2016.

The project consists of:


  • Developing and equipping the gynaecology and obstetrics pavilion with the pathology of pregnancy ward as well as rebuilding and renovating the adjoining rooms

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Health promotion and education programme:

  1. Everyone has a mum” campaign that promotes breast feeding and other forms of healthy infant nutrition

  2. Plan and educate knowingly campaign that aims at improving people’s awareness of mother’s and baby’s health care as well as proper development of pregnancy and a newborn baby

  3. Parents School:

- “Travelling Parents Schoolhealth education for future parents from rural areas

- “Solo Mumhealth education for women living in single mothers’ homes

- “Little Ones’ Parents Club”professional advice for parents of premature babies

  • Prophylactic Programme:

- “Tests for women below 35 years old from the point of view of foetal congenital disorder

- “HPV vaccines to prevent cervical cancer

The project presumes providing medical services to residents from West Pomerania, in particular 8 communes from the Szczecin sub-region: Goleniów, Nowogard, Osina, Przybiernów, Chojna, Widuchowa, Dobra Szczecińska and Kołbaskowo.

The project is to ensure the right quality and availability of medical services with regard to pathology of pregnancy, improvement of prenatal care, prophylactics and health promotion in the Szczecin sub-region.

Being an element of the hospital’s long-term policy, the project complements the finished project called “Thorough improvement of the quality and availability of medical services for mothers and babies – changing the function of the 2B pavilion”, which contributed to creating a modern and comfortable gynaecology, obstetrics and maternity complex, as well as the ongoing investment project called “Rebuilding the Zdroje Children’s Hospital and creating the West Pomeranian Mother and Baby Care Centre”.