Early diagnosis

Early diagnosis enables quick identification of potential diseases and defects as well as their immediate treatment and rehabilitation.

Proper care

Proper care involves both the woman and the child. It protects the foetus’s life and monitors the mother’s health.

Healthy child

Suitable tests and care during pregnancy increase the chances of giving birth to a healthy baby.

About project

  • On 28 October 2014 Danuta Śliwa, director of the Zdroje Children’s Hospital, signed the agreement to the project called “Development of prenatal care in the Szczecin sub-region – improving the quality and availability of medical services as well as prophylactic”
  • The project is sub-financed from the 2009-2014 EEA Grants and the 2009-2014 Norway Grants.
  • The total project value is 11,307,683 PLN
  • The project is due to be completed in April 2016.

Our campaings

  • Everyone has mum

    Everyone has mum

    Campaign that promotes breast feeding and other forms of healthy infant nutrition

  • Plan and educate knowingly

    Plan and educate knowingly

    Campaign that aims at improving people’s awareness of mother’s and baby’s health care as well as proper development of pregnancy and a newborn baby

  • Parents School

    Parents School

    “Parents School” is a comprehensive campaign, consisting of 3 projects: “Travelling Parents School”; „Solo mum”; „Little Ones’ Parents Club”

  • Prophylactic Programme

    Prophylactic Programme

    Tests for women below 35 years old from the point of view of foetal congenital disorder

    HPV vaccines to prevent cervical cancer”