An annual meeting of the Programme Operators in the field of Health Initiatives within the 2009-2014 EEA Financial Mechanism and Norwegian Financial Mechanism

took place on 10 – 11th June 2015 in Warsaw.


The meetings are cyclical and the participants are representatives of Programme Operators from the countries implementing healthcare programmes. This year the meeting was organised by the Polish party.


One of the three projects chosen to be presented was the project implemented by the independent public specialist healthcare centre “Zdroje” hospital in Szczecin: “The development of perinatal care in the Szczecin sub-region – improvement of quality and accessibility of medical services and prevention”. Representatives of the “Zdroje” hospital, Mrs. Małgorzata Domańska, project coordinator and Wojciech Halec, MD, prophylactic programme coordinator, presented the current status of its implementation.


The meeting on 10.06.2015 was an opportunity for the participants from other countries to get acquainted with the ways of implementation and activities within the projects realised in Poland.

An important part of the meeting were workshops on how promote the implemented programmes and inform about their results.


A conference on the topic of health inequality took place on 11th June 2015. The representatives of Poland, Norway, Slovenia, Estonia and Lithuania presented the approach to this important issue in their countries.




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