A summary of the activities for the promotion of health and health education as part of the project “Development of Prenatal Care in the Szczecin Sub-Region – Improving the Quality and Availability of Medical Services as well as Prophylactic Measures” consisting of three campaigns: “Plan and Educate Knowingly”, “Travelling Parents School” and “Little Ones’ Parents Club”.


Events organised for the residents were held in 8 communes of the Szczecin Sub-Region. They included: Birthdays, Commune Harverst Festival, Health Days and Street Runs. A lot was going on in every town; nearly 1,500 people visited our booths.


During the two editions of the “Travelling Parents School” meetings 1,000 people received a gift of a buggy bag with a blanket, a towel and a teether. The locals were eager to attend the meetings and actively participated in them.


The meetings of the Little Ones’ Parents Club brought together a sizeable group of twins. We are glad that we were with the parents in the first, the most important and the most difficult period that the care for a premature baby in its first weeks is.

There were 24 meetings during which we received nearly 300 visitors. It was not only parents who came. Meetings were also attended by the grandparents, the siblings and other family members who help to care for the babies.

Each participant was dealt with individually. The leaders were trying to solve all the problems connected with parenthood that the caretakers face, both the basic problems related to nursing and feeding and the emotional problems. Caring for a premature baby requires massive support of the loved ones.

The parents were learning first aid, babywearing, massaging, bathing, carrying, feeding and were given individual instructions how to exercise with a baby.

Everyone agreed that they would miss our meetings.


We wish to thank all the participants and leaders for the time well spent!


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